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Fall of Zona Nox


267fea7eb057504ba08ccfa6f6cbd99db7eafb29Far in the future, humanity has become scattered among the stars, and for half a millennia, many humans have forgotten where their race came from.

In frontier space, located in the Extos III star system, is a world called Zona Nox, a mineral-rich planet in which moral fibre is as dry as its desert. It is this planet that a thief and gangster named James calls home.

Crime was James’ profession, and he was genuinely good at it. It was a way of life on Zona Nox, and one which James had come to accept. But, as all things in the galaxy did, Zona Nox was about to change.

A vast alien empire was on the move and the human military order known as the Troopers was losing ground. Over and above this, corporate politics and gang wars were making a defence ever more unlikely as the Empire of Xank continued to push in.

As James fights to survive, he soon realizes that there is much more to this war than anyone had previously thought.


Fall of  Zona Nox is a military and adventure Science Fiction. It is self-published on Smashwords and can be bought at the following online retailers:

If you are already a reader:


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