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When I first created an internet presence in 2007, it was on the forum for The Sims 2. I chose the name Souranply. Souran as an intentional misspelling of Sauron from Lord of the Rings and -ply due to the fact that the name was already taken. I used the handle Souran and Souranply for many years, until 2012 where the name started becoming so popular online that I chose to change to Zaggeta instead. The name Zaggeta was originally just my Mafia-fantasy character’s surname, but has now evolved to become my preferred and main handle.

Voice of Zaggeta started in 2011 as an opinion blog and a place for me to post rants. I am a notoriously lazy blogger and seldom update it, but when I do, the topics tend to stray into the realm of Politics, Philosophy and gaming culture. I have also come to use the blog to promote my books and post short stories.

I am a member of a variety of political organizations, so do expect some bias. (read: a lot)


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