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My name is Nicholas Woode-Smith. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I was born on the 3rd of October 1995, a year after my country went through vast political change which set the stage of what I am involved in today.

I am a writer and political activist. I founded the SA Libertarian Movement on the 22nd of July 2011. I identify myself as a strong Free-Market Libertarian and believe that Austrian Laisezz-Faire economic practices are the most logical and effective economic means to fix and improve a nation’s economy. As of November 2013, I am the Director of Social Media of the Libertarian Party of South Africa. Due to this, I am currently the youngest known member of a party’s National Committee in South Africa.

I have been writing fiction and non-fiction since 2009 when I started my first book ‘The Trooper’ which was eventually renamed Fall of Zona Nox. I have continued to write since then, delving into a variety of topics in the form of articles, essays and short stories. I have written a variety of short stories, as well as a short novel called Cape Zero, detailing the events of a zombie apocalypse in my home town of Cape Town. I am currently continuing the Warpmancer Series, the series which Fall of Zona Nox only started.

My hobbies are mainly in the form of gaming, (which is most commonly in the form of Dota 2 at the moment) the reading of fantasy, science fiction and comics and watching of anime. My typical game genres range from strategy and roleplaying to action adventure, with the former being my preference.


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