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Avoiding Serfdom

Irony of Socialism by Nicholas Woode-Smith

Socialism is, typically, a package deal. With heavy taxes to fund the welfare state and said welfare state to alleviate poverty, it is generally viewed positively by the poor and social justice adherents alike. What Socialism also throws in, however, is a myriad of regulations in order to control the economy.

In the spirit of heavily diluted Marxism, Socialists seek to regulate the market in order to prevent exploitation of the working class and, maybe help consumers while they’re at it; a noble goal but one which seldom (if ever) works.

A welfare state is an expensive piece of infrastructure to maintain. In South Africa, for instance, about a third of the country receives grants.[1] Yet, a minority have to bear the weight of this through tax – much of which also has to go to other functions of government.[2]

It doesn’t…

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