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So, Voice of Zaggeta is now 3 years old. Despite my laziness, mish-mash of topics and long breaks – I feel it is still alive and has much room to grow.

I’ve finally finished school and am looking forward to university in 2015. This is of course a completely new entity for me to learn and conquer but from what I have heard – I’m going to love it.

2014 has been stressful – not only from the school front, but with family moving away, staying in Cape Town rather than going to Nature’s Valley and developing a new relationship with a girl I really love. It has had its ups and downs but 2014 will be one of the years which define my life.

For 2015, my plans are the usual – try to post at least weekly on this blog, finish a book, play games and promote liberty.

Some new plans, which I am surprised I didn’t post about, are the creation of an indie game studio called ParaForge and the development of our first game – Remnant.

As I love copy-paste material from my other social media sources, I will be posting about that in the days to come.

Thank you for reading and have a great end of 2014 and a greater 2015.


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