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Cape Zero – finally publishing

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The Warpmancer Series is not the only series I’ve written. In 2012, one holiday I wrote a book about zombies. Not just any zombies, though, but zombies based off of my own vision and set in Cape Town. It started out as an anthology with a few friends of mine but after none of them finished their part of the story, I decided to extend mine to the length of a short novel.

Thus, Peter Swart and Cape Zero were born. Opposed to Fall of Zona Nox, I finished the book quite quickly but left it in the back-seat for a long time as I finished FoZN. Now it’s edited and almost ready for release.

Here’s the blurb:

When social recluse and all round introvert, Peter Swart, manages to survive an attack by an insane homeless man, he soon discovers that Cape Town is not going to remain the holiday destination that it was previously regarded.

In the wake of a failed government state of emergency, society crumbles in South Africa as a virus turns people into violent cannibals. Within a day, the already compromised military collapses. Cape Town becomes a dark zone and its residents are forgotten.

With violent mobs roaming the streets, social anxiety and doubtable sanity thrown into the mix – will Peter be able to survive the apocalypse or, worse yet, the necessity to live with other people?


The book will be available for Pre-Order soon for around $0.99. I hope you enjoy!




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