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Dota 2: Winning or Fun?

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I get quite aggro in Dota 2. Not on the mic, mind you. Everyone thinks I’m calm as a mid-summers day. The truth of the matter is that when my team act stupid, I get pissed and I shout a lot. I shout and I swear at the screen, lowering my voice only to communicate with my team in a false tranquil manner.

Everyone thinks I’m calm, except for one friend of mine who is typically always in permanent voice chat with me. He knows how pissed I get – he just doesn’t care.

I have just finished the type of match I hate. I am currently doing the Compendium challenge, so am picking heroes which I don’t particularly enjoy. Even on other occasions, I seldom get to pick what I want.

In this match, we were ahead in every single way. By experience, by towers, by kills…yet we lost. All because everyone else was having so much fun that they fed the enemy team repeatedly. Over and over and over. I did not have fun. I seldom get to have fun.

I am the dedicated support – the reason being that I seldom play with other people who pick anything other than a carry. For a lot of reasons I feel this is very selfish, but hey – they want to have fun, right.

The thing is, supports seldom get to have fun. We’re not allowed the farm, we’re not allowed the kills. We spend most of our time dying as decoys or trades for enemy supports. I seldom have fun. So why do I keep playing? I like winning.

I find winning to be fun. Now, there are quite a few of my Dota friends who believe having fun is more important than winning. The problem with this assumption is that just because YOU are having fun doesn’t mean everyone is. If you are losing, there is always going to be someone on your team who is taking the flak.

The feeder is almost always the support. Not because they are bad, but because that’s their job. Their job is to keep the carry alive and it doesn’t help when the carry is so idiotic that they just run back and die.

It is not fun to die in vain. It is not fun to miss every team fight after dying a second in after initiation due to the carry stopping to jungle. It is not fun to lose.

Supports are not allowed to have fun. So the only thing we have left is to win.


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