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It may be a sensitive topic to some, but BEE/AA is a topic that must be discussed. What must be discussed, in particular, is how blatantly detrimental it is to not only our economy but our mindset as a society.

BEE and Affirmative Action policies have destroyed the job market, while only benefiting a few corrupt cronies through tenders. It makes business in SA unprofitable and undesirable. But not only this – BEE also goes against the very thing it is meant to be fixing. This policy does not help so-called ‘previously disadvantaged’ but rather creates a racist image of reliance and stupidity.

Since when is a handicap something to be proud of? BEE not only keeps those who deserve the job out of work, but also makes those who do get the job look inept – regardless of how skilled they may actually be. BEE is a racist system. It assumes the worst of everyone and has no benefit to our country and no place in a #FreeSA.


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