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Update as of Late January

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A lot has happened with the start of school and as a result my blog posts have been limited. The following is a summary:


Start of school. Not much to say. PE is actually hard now and I feel like crap.

Short Story Competitions

You may have seen my previous short story, ID. I have written the short story in order to enter into a short story competition with the topic being “surveillance in our modern society”. I wrote it in under an hour, so it is the lesser of my two projects. The one I am mainly paying attention to is a much longer short story with the topic “freedom”. I’m putting a lot of effort into this one, so hopefully it works out.

I may even keep you updated on its progress.

Libertarian Party of South Africa

We reached our signature mark and have basically registered as a political party. This means I will be given a lot more leeway to expand the social media campaign. I am going to be focusing on expanding the #FreeSA tag and starting my code name Aether project.

Dota 2

Abolished Sovereign GC due to inactivity and started Aegis GC with a full team of epic players. I’ve only known them for a short time, but they are all very reliable, calm and collected. It’s a pleasure to play with them and so far I can only count our total losses on one hand. (That includes public matches)


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