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Sham in Education

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The pass rate rises but so does the distrust with our education system as many realize that passing our high schools mean nothing. The ANC is yet to realize that passing is not the problem, and that lowering the pass mark and quality of work will in fact hurt the very people which are meant to be taught.

Education is about knowledge, thinking, skills and preparing students for employment. This current ‘education system’ accomplishes none of that.

What SA needs is for education to distance itself from government. Freedoms need to be put in place allowing private and even public schools more freedom to follow their own curriculum. The government can intervene financially but no more than that in the case of poorer schools. There should be no National Senior Certificate. Universities should instead hold their own entrance exams meaning that they can specialize in what they need and only allow in people they know can cope.

I see so many ‘solutions’ and calls for aid for our education system, but decentralization is one of the only long-term solutions that will work.



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