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As some may guess, due to a number of factors, I write my novels very slowly. So slowly, in fact, that I am ashamed to even mention how long my somewhat short novels take to finish. I would use school as an example, but that would only be half a reason. As to be honest, I hardly do any studying which would impact heavily on my writing.

How it does, however, is that my ‘thinking time’ is in the morning. My words flow better before 12, and as school is in session during this time, I seldom get to write during it.

But even that isn’t a real reason. It pains me to admit something so obvious, but the true reason for my lack of dedicated writing is my procrastination. I am in charge of quite a few Facebook pages, and as a result have to browse them and maintain them on a regular basis. This leads to me sitting around staring at a wall for quite awhile.

So how do I keep my skills up? Well, just because I am not writing my book doesn’t mean I am not writing. Any writing, even if it is just notes or musings is a practice in the craft. I have to write every day to create contents for the LiPSA Facebook page, and this helps keep my writing sharp.

So, just because you cannot write a book or article doesn’t mean you cannot keep practicing. Incorporate writing into everything you do. Keep your wits sharp and writing fresh.


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