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Where my dog took me

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urlI stood by my dog
He was a fine mutt
We walked daily
Wherever I chose

Yet never did we ever walk
Where he, the dog, should
So I let go my muscles
And loosened the chain
And let my dog take me
Wherever he went

First it was slow
As the mutt came to realize
He would be the leading from now on

First a walk
Then a run
Then a gallop
Soon we were speeding
With me behind
Waiting to see
Where my dog took me

We passed houses
Parks and shops
People became blurs
I just followed
To see
Where my dog took me

Skyscrapers rose
Factories smoked
Cars whizzed past
Yet none were as fast
As my dog and I
As I waited to see
Where my dog took me

The city soon disappeared
Now there were fields
Only empty fields
Yet we were not done
As I followed to
Where my dog took me

Fields turned to forests
Grass to leaves
There was life in the trees
Yet my dog ran on
Taking me to
Where my dog took me

Eternity passed
And we never reached our destination
I looked back and forward
To my dog on the ground
As he ran, I realized
He had no place to go

His desire was the run
He cared not for the goal

I smiled as I ran with my dog
I no longer waited
I had already arrived
Arrived to the place
Where my dog took me


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