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I’d like to state my reasoning for two things. The first being a past post and the second being a series of planned posts.

First, I would like to justify the generally populist article which I posted before this. The article “The Time has come…” falls into my category of more shallow preaching than the usual intellectually elitist articles I typically write. The reason for this is the platform for which I was writing it.

I’ve written quite a few articles for News24 in the past, but seldom get that much attention. The only articles which do seem to garner attention are religious troll articles and populist rhetoric. As I am an unenthusiastic Atheist, the former is very irritating to me. So I tried my hand at the latter – and it worked out. “The Time has come…” has gained the most views and comments of all my articles on News24, as it is simple and appeals to current events and population opinion. As such, I may be writing more of them. Don’t worry, I haven’t descended into mediocrity. I just like appreciation.

The second announcement of sorts is that I am going to try (again) to write more on this blog. I will be doing so by attempting a challenge. I will find a muse and will immediately write an article about it of at least 150-200 words. I will be doing as many of these as possible in a day, so maybe expect a flood of articles.


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