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In the spirit of my muse challenge, I feel obliged to vent about the rage and frustration I have recently had with a player in the game Dota 2. The action which this player enacted is typical of the dipshits that typically inhabit Dota (a game which I love, but admit has a crappy community).

Now, we can all agree that people have more than one aspect of their life. Many have to eat, sleep and put out electrical fires. For some reason, however, many Dota players don’t understand this. Our mid hero had to sort out an emergency and asked if we could pause. The entire enemy team was fine with it, except for a single Shadow Fiend player named PG_Kissmart♥ (cause I care not for his virtual privacy) who felt that his life was so important, that he couldn’t waste 5 minutes just to keep the game fair. 

This SF is not even that good. He got the highest score, sure, but not out of his own skill. Anyone can dominate if they are given free farm, especially a Shadow Fiend.

PG_Kissmart♥ repeatedly unpaused even when his own team was telling him to stop being an asshole. As a result, they won as we were missing a player. It’s assholes like these who give our community a reputation as toxic. I am well aware that this article accomplishes nothing, but it it good to vent.


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