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Entertainment: Mindless Drudgery

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The Style channel and TLC of DSTV tend to fill me with a loathing for contemporary society which usually sets me off on a rant to the closest person to me at the time.

To be short, as this is merely a short post, Style and TLC showcase the very traits of modern society which I feel have led to the demise of cultural and classical excellence which society could rather promote. Instead of philosophy, they encourage fashion. Instead of manners they encourage irrelevant and shallow gossip. Instead of intelligence they  exalt the stupid, rich and spoilt.

I am one of the first to usually call for the respect of many rich people, but the celebrities and wealthy which these channels exhibit are the true leaches which give the rich a bad name. Heiresses, attention whores and entitled gold diggers, they are the dregs of society.

A cult-like film which has flown pretty under the radar is God Bless America, a film about a man who finally has enough with the spoilt and rude civilization which America has become. The film didn’t receive overly favourable reviews, but no film has touched me for quite some time. It seems like that of a comedy, but don’t watch it expecting light hearted humour.

Regardless, I cannot and will not stop this degradation of society, but will try my upmost to not be absorbed into this shallow hell of a world.


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