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FoZN Character Analysis II: Leri nuro Zeruit

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Name: Leri nuro Zeruit
Race: Zangorian
Homeworld: Zeruit

Appearance: Leri, like the majority of his fellow Zangorians, is short of stature and possesses what most would deem the features of a bird of prey. His feathers are a dark orange with his beak and talons being a lighter variant. He possesses a few scars at the beginning of the book, and one large, life changing one at the end.

Background: Leri was born on the homeworld of his species in one the many Xank hatcheries. Due to the case of patrumemoria common on the planet, Leri has inherited the combined memories and identities of many of his ancestors. As a result, he remember the Xank invasion of Zeruit and believes that he is the now exiled heir to the Zeruit throne.

Due to his higher than average intellect, Aven Smith of the Word Lectorate hand picked him from the Body Budget to be a member of his task force. He served as a Raider in the force for eight years before finally being promoted to Warrior.

Role in Fall of Zona Nox: Leri provides an interesting view of Zona Nox from an enemy’s perspective. In the book, Leri’s arc details his struggle to remain alive in the Word Lectorate task force as the reason for the organization existing comes ever closer to fruition. It also tells the story of his ascension and enlightenment, and most importantly his struggle with his own identity.

Details: As a soldier and officer, Leri is highly unconventional. He is professional, logical and rational but also possesses a fanatical mind-set that drives him on some occasions to become almost mindlessly violent. Leri, due to his memories, opposes the Xank faction, but also holds an odd loyalty to the Word Lectorate.

This case of cognitive dissonance forms the main conflict in Leri’s life as he strives to free his people while also fighting in an army that he holds loyalty to, even if he thinks he does not.


Any questions about Leri or the world related to him? Please drop a comment below. If you haven’t read the book, please check it out at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/302978



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