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FoZN Character Analysis I: Ryan Rebeck

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LongRhino-copyName: Ryan Rebeck “Racist Ryan”
Race: Human
Homeworld: Zona Nox

Appearance: Ryan Rebeck is a tall muscular Caucasian man with broad shoulders. He keeps his head shaved and sports a short dark brown beard. At first glance, most early presumptions are that Ryan is a brawler and enforcer. Those assumptions would be correct.

Background: Ryan is a native Red Sander by birth and was born on a Ranch just west of Galis Lake. On the Ranch, his family raised Mozar and Peckers, which they would gather milk and eggs from. After the fall of Dead Stone, the exodus of immigrants to the Galis star port on the eastside of Galis Lake resulted in a spike in crime. Ryan was forced to accompany his father on many patrols where on a few occasions he was forced to shoot a man to save cattle. In one of these patrols, they were ambushed by alien raiders and his father was slain. With nothing to hold him back to the Ranch, Ryan set off to Galis at the age of 18.

In Galis, he soon caught the eye of recently ascended Don Marzio, who hired him as an Enforcer. Ryan excelled and was soon Made. By the time of FoZN, he had been put in charge of Protection Money for the whole North-East Quarter of the city.

Role in Fall of Zona Nox: Ryan is first introduced as a racist and xenophobic drunk man who almost comes to blows with the Grag-Tec officials at the Rusty Trooper. As the story progresses, it is revealed that he is not as simple as he first seemed in his drunken stupor. Behind the muscles are a certain common sense, leadership, loyalty and drive. As a result, Ryan becomes a right-hand man to James for much of the book.

Details: Ryan wishes to become an Overseer for a galactic corporation. An Overseer is a title given to those who run a resource gathering branch of a corporation. They are an amalgamation of accountant, manager, recruiter, quarter master and colonial governor. After letting his racist actions fall apart, Ryan seeks to apprentice under Quok, the Exanoid Grag-Tec Official, in order to progress to his desired job.

His weapon of choice is a Galisian Custom-Smithed .45 revolver magnum with 9-shots, extended barrel and magnetic recoil suspension. He has also been known to utilize assault rifles when need be, and prefers the Titan manufactured field rifles.


Any questions about Ryan or the world related to him? Please drop a comment below. If you haven’t read the book, please check it out at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/302978


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