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Warpmancer: New Major Character

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The sequel to my debut novel is currently in the works. Warpmancer will be set straight after Fall of Zona Nox, but the first part of the book will take the form of a semi-prequel taking place years before the start of the first book and in a dramatically different setting. This introduction will be set in a very different world from Zona Nox, one with its own unique flavour of horror.

Welcome to Xerl, an Imperial ‘Fringe’ World run purely for agriculture. Normally a sleepy and religious planet, the society on it holds a dark story in the form of the child of the ruling Lord. Proclaimed the Devil Child, Re’lien is punished severely for events out of her control. She has come to accept this state of affairs as daily life and something she must tolerate, until she is saved one day by a mysterious and kind off-worlder – Kei.

Re’lien is a dramatically different character from James of Galis. She is not a celebrity or hero, and does not have any profound sense of power or skill. What she does have, is a will to survive and the desire to create a world where she no longer has to fear the ire of everyone around her.

As a result of being persecuted, she has grown disillusioned by the normally omnipotent Imperial Council. What was first a title of scorn and hatred has now become one she holds with pride as she seeks to live with a mind free of Council domination.

Will Kei help her create the world she desires? Can she throw off the chains of oppression and pain which visibly scar her? Can she discover the truth of why she is the Devil Child and what the Martyrs are really planning?

Find out when I finally finish writing.


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