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I find more and more that I struggle to act the part of the typical critic. When the usual reviewer is cold and calculating – pointing out even the pettiest flaws, I tend to like most things that I watch, play or read.

I try to look for deeper interpretations in imagery, and think that everything is worth something – and thus, have never really entered into the ever growing role of the online critic.

Until now.

I find myself wanting to return to more active blogging (return being said very loosely as I was hardly ever an active blogger) and one of the topics of which I want to discuss is that of anime reviews.

I am an Otaku by self-definition, due to the fact that I identify to all three of the criteria for this previously insulting tag. Those being Gamer, avid anime fan and a player of one of the many types of tabletop games (Magic: The Gathering and D&D in my case).

Recently I have discovered a South African blog and online magazine which hopes to become one of the top advocates for Otaku culture in SA. After seeing this, and the plans for an anime convention in Cape Town, I have been once against inspired to get back to review writing. This time, for anime.

So expect some articles on anime soon! Or not, as you know how unreliable I am when it comes to blogging.


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