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Africa, Opportunity and the Weather

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Many theories on the cause of Africa’s poverty have been springing up since, well, people started caring about Africa. These range from colonialism and slavery to corruption and religion. Thousands of excellent theories, and even more absurd ones, spring up almost overnight and it’s time for me to state mine. This theory has probably been stated before but I will try elaborating on my position to it.

Yes, corruption and colonialism have large effects on modern Africa but lets look at before the African dictators of today or the colonialism of the previous era. The time when the first European explorers landed on Africa’s shores and saw some natives living in mud huts and herding goats. Back then, the African people were sorely behind technology wise. Africa is supposed to be the place of birth of humanity so why are the oldest civilizations of history poking trees with twigs? My theory can be summed in one word: Weather.

Let us do a comparison. We have some people living in the northern cold Europe and then people living in the warm Africa. With cold comes the need to develop something to keep yourself warm; with the invention of that object comes more needs, such as better ways to produce such an invention. This also stimulates the brain to invent more things to make life easier and more advanced. Now let us look at Africa; warm climate, quite comfortable, game and food galore. An inhabitant does not need to develop anything to survive besides the simple spear. This means that new inventions aren’t being created due to lack of need and therefore the mind isn’t being encouraged to be ambitious.

This dreadful placement of people and climate left the Africans highly disadvantaged as they were highly behind on their inventions of comfort and weaponry. This allowed the Europeans to easily conquer them which lead to resource exploitation and oppression, which lead to revolution, which lead to corrupt dictators. You get the picture. So basically, I’m blaming the climate for Africa’s misfortune.



  1. Stev3 says:

    That’s some food for thought there. It makes sense to assume that, without something to struggle against and conquer, one becomes rooted. I never considered it on a global scale before.

    Similar, I guess, to the way the Chinese were so late with developing glass technology – they preferred tea, and china was all they ever needed.

  2. Griffiana says:

    Nicely formulated, and fortunately, not racist. (those theories I keep on thinking about and they always end up racist)

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