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Government’s Obligation

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In the previous article I stated that I would explain about why governments should stick to the basics of governance. These basics can be summarized into ‘Protection’; protection of the people, protection of the nation and protection of ethics. This is all in the form of the Military and Law Enforcement.

In some city states, all you had was the Head of the City Guard. His job was to protect the city from invaders or criminals. This is how the early monarchs also ran. The Monarch would promise to protect people and they would pay him. Everything worked fine. No one was oppressed and the economy was self-sustaining. People paid their taxes knowing exactly what they were being used for and would not complain or try avoiding them. Governments then became more than just a Protector and decided to actually try assert their dominance over the people. Originally governments functioned like a service. “You pay me and I will protect you” and everything was fine. Of course there were still problems but you cannot get rid of problems. This just made the problems basic and easy to handle. What is harder to deal with: A small band of robbers or a well armed Dictator with ego-issues?

Once the governments started trying to assert dominance over their people, you started getting some of the worst elements of society; Corruption, Autocracy and Bureaucracy. Governments suddenly started believing that they actually owned a nation. Nation’s are not possessions, they are societies. If anything, a nation owns a government. It is a government’s obligation to protect its people and let the society manage everything else.

People start saying that the government is around to build infrastructure such as roads, housing and hospitals. Health care has been private for millennia, roads used to be built by residents. The government is not needed in this sense. It is little more than a glorified guild.


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  1. Griffiana says:

    Makes absolute sense…

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