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I have stated in the ‘About’ section that I am interested in politics. Now, it’s quite hard to be in politics and not have an ideology and leanings. So to finally get to the point, I am a Libertarian Capitalist.

For those that do not know, libertarianism is the belief that a nation’s government must remain small and without much power besides the necessary ones such as law enforcement and the Military (I will explain this in a later article). It also believes that a nations citizenry must have excellent civil, economic and political ideologies. For the few stragglers who do not know what Capitalism is. It is a belief that a citizen should be allowed to own private property. libertarianism encompasses it as an ideology but many commies ignorantly call themselves Libertarian.

So why do I follow this? Well, from the freedom point of view: I am a great support of all the mentioned liberties within reason. This means that I would support a person being allowed to be homosexual but I would be the first to lynch a paedophile as within my opinion (and hopefully yours) it is a non-forgiveable sexual preference, especially if you put it to action. I am a strong supporter of private enterprise as I not only believe communism is impossible to achieve but I also believe that even if it was possible, it would be a terrifying prospect. (Think 1984, I will also explain my feelings on Private property in the future.)

Onto government size: A large government has a few problems, this is from a South African viewpoint and may be different in other nations. Large governments demand salaries, so immediately you are getting a tax increase to pay people with useless positions such as Minister of Flowers. The SA government is notorious for giving random people useless positions so their party can gain more votes. This may create employment but the negative is greater as you are now losing more of your hard-earned income paying useless and lazy government officials. The larger the government, the harder it becomes to regulate corruption. What is easier? Persecuting 1 out of 10 government officials for corruption or 56,700+ out of the 100,000 Minister of Flowers.

So I am a Libertarian and have stated my basic reasoning. Expect many articles on the subject of why libertarianism is a great ideology. Also, feel free to ask questions or comment. The more constructive your comment, the better these posts can become.


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